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what is felt
beyond what is seen...

Coline Stagnitto Woleg
Photographer Artist | Videographer | Director

New Caledonia - roaming in all Provinces

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Around here, everyone calls me Coco. A nurse by training (and passion), listening and supporting people are two things that punctuate my daily life. With an outlook shaped by encounters made during photojournalism or international solidarity missions in the four corners of our beautiful planet, I often find myself on the lookout and sensitive to every little detail of life. I like long walks in nature, the differences that make you think and grow, tartiflette even in summer, discovering landscapes on a motorbike, starry evenings, music that transports you, the smell of rain. I don't like... being photographed!


Today, I have the incredible chance to live and tell my own adventures, lived alongside those for whom it is only about the simplicity of everyday life. Sensitive to emotions, I like to try to capture with Nestor - my camera - all these little moments and shares that cannot be captured with my bare hand. From the destructive cyclones of the Pacific to the Master tattooists of Cambodia via the great glacial expanses of Iceland, I invite you to discover some journeys, here, on this site.

I like to thank the Lands and communities that welcome me by transmitting messages in their honor. I like images that speak and tell a story, and I sincerely hope that they'll speak to you...

Living from one's passion... why not?

My passion also extends to other horizons. Whether it's capturing weddings, precious memories, authentic portraits, or advertising projects, I offer to accompany you in your endeavors to capture the essence of each moment with passion, creativity, and professionalism. Shall we create together?

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