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Documentary Photography & Films

Coming from a nursing background and driven by a deep passion for the human condition, I have always tried to put my skills at the service of others. My journey took a decisive turning point in 2016 with the obtaining of a Master's degree in International Cooperation and Humanitarian Action: through commitments across the world, I had the privilege of discovering the infinite richness of the cultural differences that populate our planet. It was during these human adventures that I became aware of the power of photography and videography as exceptional prisms of communication, promotion and preservation of cultures.

Passionate about photography since my adolescence, I understood that these arts could transcend linguistic and cultural borders to bear witness to the richness and diversity of the world around us. In September 2020, I decided to make my aspirations a reality by launching a photography business. Over the years, this business has allowed me to develop skills in videography, thus broadening my creative horizons and my possibilities for artistic expression. Since then, I have been fortunate and honored to receive life lessons from communities as diverse as the Australian Aborigines, the Kanak, the remote tribes of northern Vanuatu, parts of South-East Asia and Central America...

Each project undertaken is based on two fundamental principles: respect and trust. I firmly believe that to capture the essence and truth of a culture, it is essential to establish authentic connections based on listening, respect and humility. That's why I'm committed to spending time with each community, learning the language and understanding the customs, so I can tell stories as accurately as possible. With this in mind, each production is carried out with a constant concern to remain non-intrusive and respectful. I opt for simple technical means, favoring quality and sobriety to highlight the raw and authentic beauty of each subject.

By combining artistic sensitivity and humanitarian commitment, I strive to create works that not only captivate the eye, but also touch the heart and mind, in the hope of helping to promote understanding and respect between cultures . This is one of the many things that fascinates tes me about making documentary photographs and films...

Mota Lava
Mota Lava Poster (1).png

Documentary film (43 minutes)

Writing, direction, images and narration: Coline Stagnitto Woleg

Original soundtrack: Karl Baudoin

Original version: French (ST English, Bislama)

Broadcast: Caledonia

Pitch: Mota Lava... a secluded gem in the waters of Vanuatu. Through a modest glimpse into the rich ancestral customs and resilience of this community in the face of indomitable natural forces, delve into the island's haunting depths and explore the passionate efforts to protect its cultural heritage, threatened by standardization rampant in the modern world. Born from a strong bond with the filmmaker, “Mota Lava” marks the start of a series of documentaries, the fruit of the desire of this community to transmit the richness of its cultural heritage... Trailer :

Movie credits Mota lava (2) (2).png

Documentary film (26 minutes)

Writing, direction, images: Coline Stagnitto Woleg

Production: Coline Stagnitto Photo & Film

Original version: English (ST Spanish, French)


Pitch : In the remote lands of Los Zorros in northern Nicaragua, Ramon, a former poacher, transforms into a devoted protector of sea turtles. With determination and few resources, he rallied the community to his cause, gradually transforming the scene of poaching into a sanctuary for these emblematic creatures. Trailer

(French) (French) (1).png
Report posters (2).png
Poacher to Protector

Feature report

Writing, direction, images: Coline Stagnitto Woleg

Original version: English

Pitch: In the heart of Aserradores, a coastal village in Nicaragua, natural beauty contrasts with socio-economic challenges. Discover the inspiring voices of those striving to transform their communities - from courageous women to determined children, "Voices of Armonia" takes us on a journey of hope, resilience and positive change. An exploration of the power of united voices to shape a better future..." Short film :

Posters reports.png
(French) (French) (1).png
Voices of Armonia

Photographic documentary

Photography and writing: Coline Stagnitto Woleg

Site under construction...

Smiles in Nicaragua

Feature report

Writing, direction, images: Coline Stagnitto Woleg

Music: August Wilhelmsson

Original version: English (ST Spanish)

Pitch:Every human being has the Right to Health ” – These are the words and motivation of Cecilia, a dentist from northern Nicaragua. Accompanied by her cousin Carlos, the two come to lend a hand to a team of volunteers who provide free dental care in an isolated community in the Nicaraguan countryside. Short film :

Copy of Movie credits Mota lava (2).png
White Navy Drama Romance Story Promotion Movie Poster.png

Mini series & photo exhibition

Director: Coline Stagnitto Woleg & Sandrine Desquibes

Images, editing and graphics : Coline Stagnitto Woleg

Original version : French

Broadcast: Caledonia ( NC ) , Atrium ( Netherlands )

In collaboration with the artist Sandrine Desquibes, we pooled our skills and our desire to participate in change through the creation of the Paroles de Femmes project. This initiative aims to, we hope, help break the silence and raise awareness on this taboo or trivialized subject of violence against women. Volunteers lend their voice to anyone who will listen, and express themselves on this everyday subject which concerns us and affects us all, whether we are aware of it or not. Extract :

Copy of Adventure movie poster (1).jpg
Words of Women.png
Paroles de Femmes
Encre Sacrée
Report posters (1).png

Photographic documentary

(Documentary film in progress)

Photography and writing: Coline Stagnitto Woleg

Director: Coline Stagnitto Woleg

Original version: French (ST English)

Pitch : Sacred Ink traces the odyssey of Som Bath, a young Cambodian man, as he dives into the cultural and spiritual depths of Sak Yant, Cambodia's ancient tattoo tradition. From its ancient roots to contemporary challenges and preservation efforts, Som Bath unveils the sacred art and timeless wisdom behind these mystical tattoos. Sacred Ink offers an immersion in a world where culture, spirituality and art converge, thus offering a reflection on the importance of preserving cultural and spiritual heritage for future generations.

(French) (French).png

Photographic exhibition

Photography: Coline Stagnitto Woleg

Site under construction...

Smaels Blog Vanuatu
Ingigenous Rangers
Documentary posters (1).png

Feature report & photo exhibition

Production, images and graphics: Coline Stagnitto Woleg

Original version: French (ST English)

Diffusion: Tjibaou Cultural Center (Nouméa) , Consulate General of Australia in New Caledonia

Pitch: "Why invite Aboriginal rangers from Australia, have them travel around New Caledonia, follow customs and meetings, visit natural sites, present their work to the general public? Because we are convinced that these exchanges can nourish , on both sides of the Coral Sea, our thoughts on environmental management. Because the first peoples share this close link between geography, biodiversity, mythological stories, genealogies and traditional knowledge . Because it is thanks to this type of exchange, under the trees, with our feet in the sand or sitting on the banks of a river, that we hope to contribute, modestly, to mutual knowledge between Caledonians and Australians." . Extract :

Youtube (7).png
Rencontrer Veasna
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